Ex-D'Sire3 Member's Modeling Career In High Gear!

Ex Desire member Nathalie Armand (Tico) has left the band D’Sire3 in order to continue to pursuit what she has always dreamed of becoming, one of America’s top model.  HB had the opportunity to have a chat with Nathalie in term of her modeling career, where she is at and where she’s heading: 

HB- When was the first time you thought you might be interested in modeling?

NA-There was never a doubt in my mind that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. It’s in my blood; it’s the air that I breathe. I knew I wanted to become a model the minute I began to value and appreciate the fact that I was different and that was when I entered Middle school.

HB- You were voted in as one of the top 10 out of the State of Florida for America’s Next Top Model, can you explain the process and the experience?

NA-It was an experience out of this world being so close to your dreams but yet so far. I had butterflies in my stomach; complex thoughts….etc the suspense alone drove me crazy with excitement and also anxiety.

HB-Do you have a specific goal?

NA-To be able to execute BORDERLINE MAGICAL images that inspires the mind of people all around the world.


HB-What do you enjoy the most about the modeling industry?

NA-The camera because that is where I have no limits to what I do and I enjoy and crave every minute of it.