Up and Coming Aspiring Young Model: Ash Cakez

My name is Ashley Bernadotte, known to most as Ash Cakez. I am 22 years old, born and raised in the US. My parents are both Haitian with a few other races involved. I am a College Student soon to be an Alumni and an aspiring model as well. In the world of modeling there are those that feel as if they have the passion and the drive to move forward into the spotlight of the camera, I am one of those people.  Starting from doing little runway shows at school, I further began to push myself into a career in modeling. I started off like most would by taking a few pictures for my portfolio and then attempted to get more professional sets done to better establish myself as a hopeful model.  Unfortunately, I had to put my hopes on hold so that I could finish school, and of course I also needed a job so that I could provide for myself. Even still I find time to schedule in a couple moments in front of the lens so that my portfolio doesn’t collect dust.  Right now I feel like I can learn a lot more about that industry and that would also provide more exposure. It would give me a chance to create a platform from which I will climb the ladder to the top and be known by most and many. My path on this runway of life has just begun and stretches so far that a small lens might not be able to capture it all.

HB- Let's start from the beginning... You were born in?

AC- Livingston, New Jersey

HB- Tell me about yourself?