Interview With Legendary Guitarist Dadou Pasquet

I assume that you mean when I was a kid. During that time I didn’t go and see any bands playing at nightclubs but I did have the privilege of watching Richard Duroseau and his band as well as Webert Cicot. They used to practice near my home.

Were your parents musical at all?

Yes. In fact I have a musical family. But to answer your question, my mother used to sing at her church and her side of the family is full of musicians. Most notably Dodof Legros. 

When did you buy your first  guitar?

My first guitar was a gift from my mother. It was hand made by musician/ guitar maker in the area. She paid 17 gourdes for it.

Did you begin singing around the same time you started playing?

No, I started singing when I moved to New York (in the 70’s) I advised by a mentor that just playing the instrument without singing wouldn’t ever allow me to have a long lasting career.

What specifically do you do with your left hand and right hand when you play?

My left hand plays the chords while my right hand plays the rhythmic. Fans and viewers could learn more about my playing style and take advantage of a new guitar learning program that is being developed on my website The system should be ready mid July. Oupila members get unlimited lessons.

What type of wah-wah do you use?


Are there any devices which you've developed for the guitar?