Interview With Legendary Guitarist Dadou Pasquet

The difference is that I am not a “typical” compass guitar player. I am a blues/jazz/funk player at heart. I incorporate these influences in all of my music.

Describe how you typically record a song?

I have a home studio that I use to create all of my preliminary tracks. Once I am close to a finished product, I move the files to a larger, professional recording studio.

Are there any specific keys you find especially appealing?

Not particularly

What does the future hold for Dadou Pasquet?

Well, I have stepped thing up a bit on a business level. I’ve gone through my share of managers but none have lasted. Currently I work very closely with my eldest son Elijah. Together we are taking my career in a new direction. In the passed I wasn’t well promoted as an artist and small things were neglected. However, with my new website I am creating my own products and creating new music that I am distributing independently. I will also be organizing some of my own events to attempt to raise the bar in the Haitian Music Industry. I want to offer more than just “Bals” I want to offer performances; shows. Like every other industry has. I would also like to create collaboration albums in the near future with newer artists like Michael Benjamin and Belo. (To name a few)

When is the next album due to come out?

“Evolution” was released last week and can be purchased at at a special Internet price. Oupila Members get a free download along with unlimited access to the guitar-learning center once it is complete. Check it out.

What should your fans expect from this album what style would it be?