Interview With Legendary Guitarist Dadou Pasquet

It’s an album unlike any that I have ever made. There are different “World” influences combined with compass to create a new genre. It is an “Evolution” of compas. 

How many song?


Are there invited guest artists?

Not on this project, but my son assisted in the production and my wife and kids did a lot of vocal work. Again, this is unlike any project that I have created.

What’s the latest with Magnum Band on its 33rd annivesary?

We are currently working on a new album. I am on my way to the studio right now actually to complete some vocal tracks. It’s going to be hot. Look out for it.

Many say you are a very mystical individual, Does that play a role in your career?

Yes, God inspires me to make unique and beautiful music while enduring the hardships of the Haitian Music Industry.

Are you a full- fledged Muslim?

I am not sure that means exactly. But I am Muslim.

With the bad stereotype against Muslim since 911, how do you cope with it?