Interview With Legendary Guitarist Dadou Pasquet

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Do you still teach music?

I stopped for a while but I am starting up again through my website. I’ll teach using techniques that are designed with the recreational player in mind. I want anybody to be able to pick up a guitar and play some of my popular songs after going through the program. There will be different levels of difficulty and I will teach using different songs. I encourage parents with kids to sign up. I was only 12 when I started on my path.

Do you feel an obligation to play old hits rather than all new material in order to please your fans?

Not really. I love playing some of my older hits and the fans love it too. But when I feel like the mood suits it I play newer material as well. It all depends.

Can you offer any advice to fledgling guitarist?

Be smart. Secure your rights and be careful who you trust with your music. I’ve been through some interesting experiences in the HMI that have driven me to be independent. I sing about some of these issues on “Evolution”.

Any final words?

I would just like to thank for the interview as well as the fans that have supported me throughout my career. Please check out my site and remember… Support your artists not the local bootlegger. Thanks