SKAH SHAH IS BACK- Cubano Has Agreed To Rejoin His Brothers

According to a very reliable source of mine, confirmed by two other people involved in the talks, Cubano and the other Skah Shah musicians have agreed in terms and in principles to rejoin their forces and talents in order to give the appreciative and suffering public what it has been asking for: a potent, complete, and vibrant Skah Shah #1.

According to ours sources, the band will be revamped and additional talents are being recruited to make this band the force that it once was in the industry and that it was remained for many loyal fans all around the world.

According to our conversations with people informed of the situation, both Loubert and Cubano are very excited about this new opportunity, and we hear (though we cannot confirm) that the President (Michel Sweet Micky) Marthely was somewhat instrumental in getting these guys on the same page. 

Skah Shah is Back. Cubano once again will be next to Zouzoul in front of the greatest Konpa Band to have played together. We are told that The musicians are going back into the studio and that a new album will be produced that include the Complete band.

Good Luck Skah Shah #1. May this reunion be lasting and fruitful!


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