New Video: Klo New Video: Klo "Soumounol"
New video from artist Klo "Soumounol" 
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  • My review of the Nu Look bal in Boston last night
    by Original Wating

    A little over two months after Nu Look had to cancel its gig in Boston due to the snow, the stage was set for the band to play its first bal in the beantown with the new album last night. The bal was advertised to be held at Space 57 in downtown Boston. Personally, everywhere I went for the last...


  • Easter Showdown in NY: Tvice-Nu Look-Alan Cave and Kreyol La
    by HaitianBeatz

    Easter Showdown in New York took place at Amazura on Saturday April 19th, with the line up featuring Tvice, Nu Look, Kreyol La and Alan Cave's album with the release of its new album. The crowd was sizable and all bands performed. Kreyol La, which some of its musicians did not make it to the...


  • Fleurimond Catering: Bal a Versailles---Complete Review
    by Claire J. Saintil-van Goodman

    Hastened steps heading in the same direction, gentlemen flanked by gorgeous personalities, we each held masks in our hands, and we did not mind the breeze between our ankles.  Finally, I was being ushered for the first time into another dimension that kept its promise to rejuvenate spirits. 


  • Kreyol Fest is Back in Brooklyn!
    by HaitianBeatz

    After cancelling last year's event for the first time over a decade, Haitian Times is bringing back Kreyol Fest in Brooklyn, the largest bastion of the Haitian community in New York.


  • Carimi Shunned Haitian Media in the US with Paris Trip
    by HaitianBeatz

    It seems like many different members of the Haitian media outside of Haiti are not too happy about Haitian band Carimi’s decision to only invite and sponsor members of the media in Haiti to their recent concert in Paris.  I've heard rumbling with some members of the media in the US especially in...


  • Arly Larivierre Put Tvice On Full Blast: Listen!
    by Ratbal

    Anybody here remember wat TI VICE did to KLASS the nite aug31/sept1 2013 at the vault in new york?  rite after their set, they unplugged all the cables on stage just so KLASS could have a hard time to perform. n yes KLASS took so freakin long to get the music running dat nite. WELL Well, they...


Clinton Benoit's Risky Approach With New Album

Talking about taking a new direction while taking a high risk, this is exactly what Clinton’s Benoit’s first album release “ Funky Konpa” does, it might strike a nerves to the konpa purist, but it can always enlighten

konpa lovers with an open mind.  The album with a total of nine original songs: Funky konpa, New York Subway, Nan chenn nan, I am in love with you, Di’m sa’w we, La fin du monde, stereotype, Try and No to drugs, use Rock n roll as its base but keeping the 2/4 compas signature structure.

Listeners tired of hearing Haitian dance music riddled with the same typical sound will be enchanted by Funky Konpa. It seems like Clinton Benoit and his band are fully committed to changing that “bouillon rechofe, mentality,  if they can execute this album live.  They have a series of infectious, good-spirited Compas funk/rock n roll jams that sound undeniably Compas but also, true to the title, quite funky.

Regrettably, the low point of the album is the title track, "I am in love with you", it’s more like a zouk tempo, with a desire to bring a new flavor, this song leaves much to be desired; I expected a much more power-packed all around album. To my disappointment, this track seems to drift away from the original intent of the album.


Fortunately, the track’s shortcoming does not reflect the rest of the CD.
Track seven, " Stereotype," pulls the listener in and refuses to let go. It showcases killer voice manipulation, gut-punching electric guitars and hyper, screechy lyrics.

"Funky Konpa" amused me more than all the other tracks. The lyrics tell the listener to just go wild and party your soul out if you are feeling the beat…just go crazy, which usually the mood you’ll want to be if you want to have a good night out.

This project by Clinton Benoit is a thrilling attempt to reinvigorate Haitian music without recourse to dance floor cliché. This beautifully detailed yet new flavor album is certain to be one of the buzz this summer if promoted properly.

Artists who participated on the project include: Acey Slade, Armstrong Jeune, Jean Max Valcourt, Ken Hertz, Sean Walden, Nick Carner, Makarios Cesaire, Gary DJ Perez, Shedly Abraham, Isnard Douby, Gerald Balan, Joe Dore, Delva Michel, Lemy Raymond, Jean Riche Damour, Perin Joseph, Neefah Fontus, Frantz Cariess, Jason Coby, Fritz Milfort, Medina Sanchez, Mye Eva, Ronald Villa and King Kino.


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