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I got my big break, when I  was a teenager in the summer of 1964 when Gerald Dupervil, one of the biggest Haitian stars in the 60's and 70's, and his band "Riverside Band" came to Port-De-Paix to perform for "Fete Patronage", the town's annual party. To everyone's surprise, Riverside band's bass player was unable to make the trip. So, my music instructor urged me to approach Gerard Dupervil to fill the void. After several hours of rehearsals, I  managed to play the bass flawlessly and efficiently for the band. This experience would become perhaps the most important influential moment of my musical career. After finishing school in "Notre Dame De Lourdes" of Port-de-Paix, I moved to Port-Au-Prince in 1967 to complete my studies at "Lycee Petion". In 1969, I earned a degree in accounting. 

I sang "tout pou yo" the anthem of the Haitian National Soccer team with the legendary players like Emmanuel "manno" Sanon, Thompous, Philip Vorbe, that made to the World Cup to Munich Germany 1970. In 1973, I left Haiti to begin a new journey in New York. 

While studying Computer science at Queens College, I teamed up with with a few good friends to launch one of the most successful compas band in that era. Since the pre-dawn era of Compas history, that band was the first Haitian band to perform 6 days a week. 

According to Mario Delvocy, a famous Haitian drummer and music historian, he once described me as one of the finest Haitian musicians that ever lived. 


 I am Cubano