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David Dupoux - Ti Ansyto - Ti Joe To Reunite?

By Haitianbeatz

The longest running bands oftentimes have the most disorderly lineups. Performing and touring together, sharing room, sharing the stage nightly can send any musician over the edge – and out of a band. Whether the departure is amicable or whether it is hostile, sometimes the departed is so dearly missed by the fans that the musician would ultimately return to the band or reunite for a new venture. Such is the case for David Dupoux and TI Ansyto Mercier.

After many years of separation between David Dupoux and Ti Joe Zenny, the duo is set to reunite with the band Kreyol La during the Compas Fest Weekend in Miami, according to a very credible source. We have also learned that Ti Ansyto will also make a comeback to the band as well during the same time. “I’m getting old, there is no more time to explore, if the combination of the three of us joining together can produce good results, why shouldn’t we give it a try”, expressed Ti Ansyto to a friend who wish to remain anonymous.

The idea of both David and Ti Ansyto to return into the fold has been floating around for a while now, but it never full materialized. There have been many instances where David has joined with Ti Joe for a few Konpa Kreyol reunions, but never as a full member of Kreyol La. There have been a few flyer announcement of Ti Ansyto joing Kreyol La on stage, but never came to fruition. It is evident that both additions will spice things up and will add a great needed boost to a band that has been struggling to regain its A status in the HMI. They are already in the studio working on new materials.

If everything goes as planned, we should expect see those 3 greats reunite during Compas Fest Weekend..

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