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Did Rodney Noel, Ti Djo Zenny Reconcile?

Updated: Jan 23

By Haitianbeatz

As we start a new year with our new year resolutions, we’re reminded of the importance of family and friends forgiveness, business partners, co-workers and unity during this new beginning.. However, the past couple of weeks, the feud between Promoter vs Artist has escalated. First it was the open brawl between Mickael Guirand and Rodney Noel,  later it was Rodney Noel vs Ti Djo Zenny. Being  big names in the HMI, it’s natural that those feuds dominated and captured the attention of the of the HMI and the whole community at large.

Thankfully, we can now say that the feud between Rodney Noel and Ti Djo Zenny has come to an end; thanks to their respective apologies…according to a very credible source.  


Details of the reconciliation is still sketchy, however it seems like Tidjo was the one who extended the olive branch by placing a call to Rodney Noel, to iron out their differences. The Artist and the promoter relationship isn’t a simple one by any means, especially when one or both the parties are feuding in front of the public, on social media: First it was Mickael Guirand going after Rodney Noel and Compas Festival. Second, it was Rodney Noel bringing back a decade old sensitive issue to the forefront, right in front of the public eye.  In my experience over many years in the HMI, I’ve come to realize that many artists complain about the promoters and vice versa. And all this could be for various reasons. Some may be valid and some, not so much. Often, it is because one does not understand or empathize with the other. Other times, it’s because one does not want to be willing to be a little understanding.  


I’m happy that Ti Djo was able to burry the hatchets with Rodney Noel. hopefully Mickael Guirand will follow suit. With the passage of time, with experience, one would realize that there is much more you can do to have a good working relationship with one another and you’ll find a tad bit easier to move forward in the right direction. The HMI is too small to sustain those kind of feuds. When the promoters and artists are in harmony, it has a positive impact on the whole industry. So support each other, stand by each other through thick and thin, be a little accommodating and you’ll realize how important a role you play and making sure that the HMI stays vibrant and healthy. With that, everyone wins, promoters, artists,  your supporters and the fans!

I report, you decide!




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