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New York, December 5, 2023

Honoring our music and embracing our culture is something that is vital to the advancement of our community.  The Haitianbeatz (HB) annual event is always an extraordinary event that targets to address both endeavors.  In past years, the  event has highlighted community leaders, as well as showcase our musical talents and upcoming artists.  That is part of the vision that our co-founder Jean Price Vixamar always had for HB.  The “experience” as he used to refer to this event, is an all-encompassing cultural extravaganza to uplift and showcase us, Haiti in all its beauty.   

JacobinNoir as so many called him, others drop the Noir and just call him Jacobin/Jaco, while close friends call him Jean Jean.  I call him my brother, best friend, my mon konpè and he was also my business partner and co-founder of continues to live within me and all aspect of HB. 

This year marks HB’s 15th Anniversary which will sadly be celebrated without Jaco’s physical presence.  Jacobin shocked us when he left this physical earth on December 26, 2020.   As he would’ve have insisted, we will continue to celebrate HB.  This year marks HB’s 15th anniversary, and although Jaco is not with us physically, but we know he is forever present in our minds and spirits. 

As we continue to fulfill our mission to showcase our music and culture, it is in that spirit that we at HB have created an award in Jaco’s name, it is the Jean Price Vixama Award.  This award will be given to individuals or organizations who embodies the spirit of Jaco, and has shown tremendous dedication to the advancement of the Haitian Music Industry and culture.

The first recipient of this prestigious award is Merline Joseph, to take place on on Friday December 15, at the famous Laboom , located in Queens.

Merline Joseph is not a musician, but she is a pioneer in the Haitian Music Industry.  She has opened doors and provided her expertise to many in the Haitian Music Industry.  She has worked in various capacity with some of the well-known musicians and others in the industry, such as Fabrice Rouzier, Gazzman Pierre,  the late Mikaben, Jean Herard Richard  (Richie), Arly Larivierre, Richard Morse, Belo, the band Phantoms, Bookman Eksperyans, Top Vice, Tabou Combo,  Rodney Noel, Richard Urbain, Gary Pierre Pierre of the Haitian Times, just to name a few.  She works quietly, professionally and without fanfare, and delivers results.  Her love for the Haitian Music Industry is unmatched and her generosity has not always been acknowledged or rewarded.  She was one of the pioneers of the Haitian Music Awards in Miami in the 90’s. She was also one of the initiator of the famous “Roots and Culture Festival”  in Little Haiti in Miami.

“Nobody else is so deserving of this Award than Merline, she has the scars to prove it” stated Moise St Louis, Co-founder of Haitianbeatz.

“Merline has a heart of gold and continues to be a tireless behind the scenes anchor for so many of our top artists. Bravo to Haitianbeatz for recognizing you. Congratulations to you Merline for a well-deserved award. May God continue to bless you ! Much Love”  expressed the legendary Fabrice Rouzier.

It is only befitting that the 1st recipient of the prestigious Jean Price Vixama Award be an individual who embodies Jaco’s love for music, Haiti and works tirelessly and unselfishly to promote the Haitian Music Industry and the Haitian culture.  Merline Joseph is living that legacy and a well-deserved recipient of this award.  We ask you to join us on Friday December 15th, at Laboom to help celebrate this special moment alongside Klass, Kreyol La and Darline Desca.


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