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HMI trade rumors: Who is Joining Who is Staying?

By Haitianbeatz

As Bands look to improve their rosters via trade or musicians quitting on time for the end of the year and to start  fresh for 2024 . With many current and new bands due to release new albums in 2024;  rumors about who will leave current bands an join new bands intensify.


MOOD – Harmonic’s drummer Jeff is rumored to be joining new band of former Harmonik’s guitar player Sanders Solon MOOD, that just released its album on Dec 15.  We have also learned that Ti Watson, formely of Nu Look might be joining MOOD as well. It is rumored as well that Ti Tanbou might join Mood.



HARMONIK: With the possibility of losing their old time drummer Jeff, we have learned that the band is eying Ekip’s drummer  Ti Junior as a rreplacement.


DJAKOUT: The band acquired veteran guitar player,  Elie Lapointe after the departure of DiDi Santana.


NU LOOK: The band is very close to signing with guitarist Didi Santata who has been gigging with them as a replacement for Ti Watson. Arly’s first choice was Ti Michel. He attempted to acquire Ti Michel back , but negotiation did not end well with Ti Michel asking $500 per gig, which Arly did not agree to.



 MASS KONPA: Mass Konpa suffered the first casualty of Biden’s Immigration Parole program with the departure of Will  Black coming to the States and joining Nu Dore.



KENNYWAY: Kenny has decided to put an end to the Kennyway experience and start a new adventure with a brand new band CALL VAKAM. The band is due to release  2 new songs at the beginning of January. Stay tuned for full rosters.





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