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Liliane Pierre Paul, Pioneering Journalist Who Helped Shape Haitian Journalism, Dies At 70

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

By Haitianbeatz

A ray of sunshine suddenly faded away over the whole Haitian media’s landscape. The news spreads like an April Fool announcement at the end of July. What? For sure, it’s not an eclipse.

It’s what we, mere mortals, are familiar with, living with, juggling with, struggling with to accept. It’s, above all, our existential Lesson to learn: We all live to die, sooner or later, shamefully, indifferently or honorifically.

Liliane Pierre Paul, a truthfully engaged journalist, passed away in a country beaten and tortured by lies. A heart attack! The nation, stunned, is mourning.

Every Haitian and everything in Haiti considered, my favorite takeaway from the Lesson is what is already well known, well said and, nevertheless, hard to put into practice : ‘’Walking the talk,” making the best of our human qualities to improve quality of life in our country. Fortunately, Liliane had long learned and done just that passionately, with what was the best in her:

- Love, the ardent desire of what we, as a nation, have pathetically failed to develop, nurture — love for our country, constructive patriotism;

- Courage, the necessary strength to endure, to suffer, and live for and with that love, patriotism;

- Conviction, the “Never give up and never give in” when it comes to supporting Haiti and being engaged in the Haitian people’s struggle;

- Wisdom, the required humility to accept our individual limits before the immensity of our national Problem, and always learn to be and do better.

At last! Here we are, at the departure of The Queen of Haitian journalism—a living national monument—saying farewell to Liliane, saluting the fallen and beloved soldier: Lilie.

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