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New HMI Releases to Expect

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

By Haitianbeatz

VAYB -Vayb will release a complete album with 15 tracks, with a few guest artists, including Kadilak, Baky, Princess Lover are some of the invited guest artists. Release date, end of the month, beginning of April.

KLASS Only 3 songs with videos will be released from the album by end of March, beginning of April. Cadelouse will be formally introduced with a single and video among the 3 releases. There is a non-Haitian guest artist on the song with the chorus “Eh Ah” (does not have permission to release, the title yet).

NU LOOK Medjy, Bedjine, Joe Dwèt File are some of the guest artists on the next Nu Look album. No expected date yet from Maestro Arly Larivierre, but definitely before the Summer.

EKIP 2 songs to be released by April and album before year’s end.

ENPOSIB- Enposib completed its album since January, but it was mostly Medjy’s solo album. With the latest drama surrounding lead singer Medjy, no one is sure, what is going to happen.

EMELINE MICHEL- I spoke to the Queen of Heart a couple of days ago, she is putting the final touch on her next album, due to be release by Spring time.

KAÏ- -Richard realizes that, for a band to stay relevant in this HMI lately, you must stay constant with productions. KAÏ, is scheduled to release 2 singles with videos in the Spring. If necessary, the album before the end of the year.

DISIP- We are told that Disip is far in term of production of their next album, but Gazzman is keeping a tight lip in term of timing.

HARMONIK -Eventhough Harmonik dropped an album last year, the impact they expected the album to make did not materialize. With the departure of long time manager Rodney Noel, expect a new album by Summer time.

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