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Remembering Jacky Photo: 11/28/1954 -3/16/2023

By Moses St Louis

Jacques Dumont, aka Jacky Photo, the photographer who revolutionized and pioneered photography in the Haitian Music party scene back in the late 80’s died on Thursday March 16th, he was 69. Jacky was a self-taught photographer who died of pancreatic cancer with his family at his bedside at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.

Jacky was one of the most famous HMI photographers in the New York area, though his exuberant oeuvres traveled all over the HMI world.

Jacky was a greater human being than a great photographer. So, his humanism, through his love for the HMI, really shone through after the pandemic. While Jacky was battling this terminal illness, knowing that his mission might be coming to an end, Jacky took the opportunity at every chance he had, to honor our bands and artists in the HMI that came to New York with a plaque, during this past year, as a sign of his appreciation of their crafts.

“To know Jacky is to know a man who is relentless, down to earth, outspoken, sensible, and forgiven. I’ve personally known Jacky for well over 30 years. Many people may have known Jacky as a free-lance photographer; he was more than that. He was a father, a grandfather, and a great friend. He shared a closeness with his mother that was unparalleled. He was not embarrassed to call himself a mama’s boy. Jacky was always full of joy and did not allow life experiences and problems to steal his joy. Even when his mother passed, he spent time comforting others and not dwell on his own sorrow. Jacky Photo as many in the Haitian community knows him will be remembered as our beloved Haitian paparazzi before we even know what that meant. He will be missed but not forgotten.”, expressed DJ Esalar.

There were many things in life that Jacky was passionate about. His photography, friends, and family were among those he was most fervent about. Especially his mom, whom her passing had a deep negative impact on Jacky's life. He was such a positive person about everything in his life. His work, his friends, his family, and the Haitian Music industry.

“Jacky loved and enjoyed what he did, and always wanted to make sure he did it right. He would retake a picture at least 20 times until he makes sure it was right”, conveyed well known radio personality, Jean Claude Vaval

Jacky was an extraordinary man who led an exceptional life. He lived life to the fullest; he squeezed every drop out of every day to make an impact to those who were in his life. He was relentless in his passion for the HMI.

“Before Facebook, TikTok, Instagram Twitter WhatsApp or iPhones there was Jacky Photo. With every snap, every click, every flash, Jacky captured the essence of the community. What might have started as a hobby became the archives of the social scene of the Haitian Music Industry (HMI). Jacky’s photos helped preserve our rich social and music history. He was a social butterfly who lit up every room he was in. He will greatly be missed but his contribution to the Haitian community will never be forgotten! RIP my brother” shared the legendary King Kino.

Jacky was a people person, he defined what it means to be open: open to new ideas, by purchasing a coach bus to help transport our artists when they come to New York, new encounters, by organizing a Caribbean talent contest to showcase young talented artists from the Caribbean, new people, if you’ve been at social events in the Haitian community for a long time, there is a very good chance that Jacky had snapped a picture of you, new ways of living and being, he never wasted a minute of his life, until his last breath. Jacky was always curious, questioning everything, “why is that “bal” not packed Moses, explain that to me?” He pursued what he liked the most without restraints and contemplate life through a unique lens. Anyone who spent time in his company was embraced by his enthusiasm and his energy; “Jacky was an enthusiastic professional, a great dancer and a dear old friend from Petion-Ville” expressed an old friend, Gina Faustin.

Jacky was a pioneering HMI photographer, who spent decades of his life providing his visual acumen and primary understanding that a photograph was the best kept memory of any events. "Atis ou kong tout bèl photo lan karyè'w se Jacky photo ki genyen yo? Mwen gen yon dènye sipriz pou ou la, se lè ou retounen NY, map pote li pou ou li" Maestro Richie of the group Klass remembering what Jacky always say to him.

Jacky died having completed his mission. We will miss him every day,” Jacky is survived by a daughter and two grandchildren.:

Viewing: Friday March 31st, 2023. 4PM-8PM, El Caribe Funeral Home- 1922 Utica Avenue, in Brooklyn.

Funeral sevices: Saturday April 1st, 2023 10:45 AM. St Vincent Ferrer Church- 925 East 37th Street in Brooklyn.

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