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Who is Cadelouse Pierre? What to Know About Her and Her upcoming single/video with Klass

By Haitianbeatz,

Born in Haiti, came to the United States at the age of 14, Cadelouse Pierre is enjoying one of the biggest breakout of her young year in the HMI, thanks to joining one of the top rated band in the HMI for the past decade, Klass.

Cadelouse quickly watched her world transform when she was approached by a friend who introduced her to Klass, she was later asked to be auditioned at one of the band’s rehearsal and she was hired on the spot due to her passion and energetic style, she portrayed.

The HMI have, at this point, heard a thing or two about Cadelouse Pierre, the backup singer of Klass; but not yet performing her own track. This is about to come to an end, the emerging artist will be featured on a single/video to be released in a few days. Cadelouse has seen constant heaps of success for the past few months as a backup singer and eye candy of the band with her provocative outfits and daring sensual dance moves.

Haitianbeatz sat with Cadelouse for her first interview:

HB- When and why did you start singing?

CP- At a very young age, I grew up in a musical family, my mom sings and my dad plays the guitar, and I’m also passionate about music.

HB- What was the first song you performed in front of an audience?

As many other HMI artists, my first -time singing was a religious song at a church.

HB- How would you describe your style of singing for someone who.

have never heard you sing before?

CP- Soul

HB- How and why did you join Klass?

CP- Klass was looking for me and I was looking for Klass.

HB- What are your fondest moment with Klass so far?

CP- Every time I’m on stage is a special moment for me.

HB- Did you get nervous the first time you got on stage with Klass?

CP- I’m a shy person, but when I’m on stage, I transform into someone else.

HB- You are not new to Haitianbeatz, a few years before you joined.

Klass and became a household name, you flew to New York to

perform at one of Haitianbeatz’s unplugged shows. How was that experience?

CP- It was amazing performing for the first time for the New York audience.

HB- You seem to have a lot of energy while on stage, how do you stay in


CP- Eating healthy, minding my business and workout when time permit.

HB- How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

CP- I always go back and look at my last performances to see what I should change for the next performance. I love perfection.

HB- Have you already recorded a song(s) with Klass for the next album? If yes, give us a hint?

CP- Yes, but I cannot give you a hint now.

HB- What’s the title?

CP- It’s surprise I can’t say.

HB- What should you fans expect from the new single?

CP- To be honest, I’ll just wait for the fan’s reactions, they have the final say.

HB-Does the video compliment the song?

Yes, very much.

HB- Will you perform the song live on April 22nd at Amazura for the 11th Anniversary?

CP- Surprise!!!

HB- What is a typical day like for you?

CP- School, errands, photoshoots, video shoots, meditating, selfcare…

HB- A band like Klass has a very busy schedule, how do you keep up

with your study?

CP- Time management is the key.

HB- What is your definition of success?

CP- When your dream comes true.

HB- Do you think you are successful?

CP- Not yet, I have a long way to go.

HB- What are your plans for the future?

I want to defy the odd to all those who doubt me.

HB- If someone wants to follow you, where should they go?


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