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With a bold debut album, Roody Delpe curates a nonconformist calling

By Moses St Louis

After years of navigating in the HMI, Roody Delpe goes from half to whole with 13 tracks that show he's older, wiser and ready to reveal his growth and new life in his music."Roodyverse" is the self-titled album that's already reached the #1 spot on Itunes.

Music is about making an impact, Roody’s new-found belief and connection with people is starting to see the result with the constructive reception he has received so far. It seems that Roody has a new perspective after being in the HMI for many years.

The 13-track album gets off to a bit of a slow start with the slow tempo duet with Baky “Dous” and “Can’t get enough.” featuring Fatima, in “Can’t get enough”, the sultry lyrics find Roody teasing a love interest in Fatima: “I want you _ I need you, I can’t get enough of you”. The songs are airy and surreal., an important direction that Roody undertook on the album, but risky choices to open a konpa album, nonetheless a wise gamble.

It isn’t until the third track, “My story,” that Roody dig a little bit deeper into the konpa tempo. The upbeat song has a hint of zook flair with a full horn section. “Depi’l pa dous” featuring Mellysings follows suit with an elated thumping beat and passionate undertones plus a few clever rhymes (“Ou Toujou byen sape w’ap chèche enpresyone’m, mwen mvle yon bouche, kòche’m byen sizonnen’m”)..

The flaming side of Roody Delpe is on display in selections such as: “Gade grosè” “Sispann pran konsèy” and “kenbe’l pou w’ou” which are primarily made up of agonizing and daring ballads.

Roodyverse ends on a high note, though… with “Damou’w poko damou,” the biggest standout aside from “Can’t get enough” and ”Piyay Gouyasd” It’s almost frustrating that this is the final track because it leaves the listener wanting more as the siwèl definitely put you into a gouyad mood.

With its smart, frantically diverse collection type of guest artists, Roody Delpe’'s “ Roodyverse” is an album that beams, introducing us to many different artists… codifying a career on his own peculiar terms.

Roodyverse is ultimately an incredibly accomplished album that laid out a lot of Roody’s vision and style of music, with the bounce between genre and heavy leaning on anodic instrumentation of the time, it can feel like a memento at times and certainly sounds like an album of the future. It holds up to a modern listeners ears today as an eccentric album, full to the rim.

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