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Wyclef Jean Launches A New Electric Supercar

By Haitianbeatz

If you're in the market looking for a luxury electric car, Wyclef Jean just announced that he will be launching a lightweight luxury line electric car worth over $350k in the market in 2024. This is in partnership with Apex Motors, to manufacture of the two-passenger sport scar Attucks Apex AP0.

It is not a surprise, Musicians and celebrities have always ventured outside their role to get involved with other companies. Whether it's starting their own record labels or venturing into other businesses such as fashion, beauty or food and beverage, musicians are always trying to find what's next in their careers. Wyclef is no stranger to that school of thought. He started Carnival World music in 2019, a 25 million dollars company, investing in Nigeria’s Afrobeat music industry.

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