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ZAFÈM Hires New Manager: Evens Blaise of Jan Enterprise

By Haitianbeatz

While enjoying an abondance of praise after the release of its most anticipated debut album “LAS”, though it is not official yet, but a very credible source has informed Haitianbeatz that Evens Blaise of Jaz Enterprise has been named Zafèm’s manager. A contract has been signed between both parties. Mr. Blaise will assist the band in making sound business and creative decisions, including booking and negotiate contracts on behalf of band. This heavy responsibility is not new to Evens, he’s a veteran who used to manage the old New York All-stars, a band that was short-lived but was composed of a very talented group of musicians, including Makarios Cezaire, Armstrong Jeunes, Kenny Desmangles, Yves Abel, among others. Evens is also the CEO of one of the prominent promotion groups in New York, Jaz Enterprise, the organizers behind one of the premiere event in New York City “La Nuit des Jeunes” (LNDJ)

Evens is well trusted by many in the industry; well-mannered, shy, but verry disciplined. He brings with him a wealth of experience into these new positions. We wish Evens and Zafèm success in thist new partnership.

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