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Medjy of the band Enposib: Mysteriously disappeared

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

By Moses St Louis

HMI Musicians have a very demanding career. It sometimes requires many hours in the studio, dealing with the demanding difunctional HMI media, a lot of travel and performances, financial hardships. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for artists in the HMI to take breaks throughout their career. While some breaks are short-lived, others last many years. We find many artists in the HMI who’ve made the decision to either take a step back from the music scene or quit all together and go into early retirement. To be a musician in this HMI comes with its share of challenges.

On the one hand, the struggling artists who don't make it big, wrestle with lack of self-confidence and often have a hard time making ends meet. Contrarily, musicians who go on to become superstars deal with their own set of issues such as exhausting travel schedules, lack of privacy, internal personal issues. In either scenario, depression often produces unexpected results.

To exhibit the previous points and the effects it has had on one of the most talented musician of this generation, look no further than Medjy Toussaint of the group Enposib. The lead singer and band leader of this very talented band, has just disappeared, cutting all ties with every single musician of the band, including, his business partner/co-owner/guitarist, Nicholas Millet and band manager Kafee Desmornes. It is a puzzle that many who are close to the band have been trying to put the pieces together for the past few weeks. Many influential individuals close to the band, have attempted help solve the puzzle by calling Medjy, to no avail, including Fito Hyacinthe, Richard Cave, Ralph Rhau (its representative in NY), Rodney Noel, who was forced to remove the band from the upcoming Compas Festival Miami line-up this coming May. They have all tried to call Medjy without any luck. The only person who was fortunate enough to get a response from Medjy, is an old time collaborator of the band, Stephanie Augustin. However, the conversation still remains confidential.

As for the reason for this sudden disappearance, it remains a mystery. The best unconfirmed explanation that HB was able to obtain from different sources who have spoken to the vocalist is: Medjy has told close associates that the death of Mika Ben has given him a wake-up call, that death is so unpredictable, that one must make sure to concentrate and to succeed on what is more important in their lives first. Meaning, create a family and provide for their family before anything else. Other speculation is, it could be financial, Medjy feels he might be financially more profitable to be in Arly Larivierre's shoes, where he can own 100% of the band's profit, where he doesn't have to share with partners, but only giggers.

Of course, people have left bands for a variety of reasons, whether it be creative differences, wanting to branch out on their own or because their personal lives got in the way of the music. It is always a shocker and disappointment for the hardcore fans.

I report, you decide.

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