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Zafèm Reveals Debut Album ‘LAS’ Is Arriving This Week

By Haitianbeatz

Exciting year for albums releases in the greater HMI world.Zafem’s new album “LAS” (Lalin ak Soley) will be arriving on Friday May 5th via all music platforms. On Saturday, the album’s release date and name were revealed on Zafem’s official social media pages. On the cover, both Dener Ceide and Reginald Cange are standing stoic outside what appears to be an opened cave, which many observers claim, has a lot of meanings and creativity.

The track list on Itunes pre-order platform includes:

1- Laline ak Soley 2- Le plein

3- Abracadabra 4- Acercate 5- M’pap fe silans 6- Dyanman Nan 7- Dlo Dous 8- M’ap ka Neye 9- Egal Ego 10- Sanpousan 11- Nikita 12- Bradsou Brad 13- Coming Soon 14- Eneji nous a 15- Ati Sole 16- Zanmi Femme

The songs total 1 hour and 127 mimutes of music. Both gifted musicians, Dener and Reginald have a hand in this album. Their unified vibes will certainly give the listeners a newly refined authenticity and soul this duo bring to their music. Zafem has already been making all kinds of noise over the last few years. They received a standing ovation for their online virtual debut in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic and had konpa lovers raving about their unique sound.

Zafem is also set to make its live debut on July 8, at Melrose Ballroom in New York City. The duo are looking "to take it to the next level", according to band leader Dener Ceide, during an interview with Guy Wewe.. It should be a fun Summer.

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