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"La Nuit des Jeunes 2018 "

La Nuit Des Jeunes is back in 2018 with Mikan Ben, Kai, Djakout # 1, and Harmonik Special guests: Roody Roodboy and K-Zino will also grace the stage. This monumental event will be held on Saturday, March 10th in New York at Amazura Concert Hall. The 13th Annual La Nuit Des Jeunes all-star show will be hosted by Jean Rubens and Sherlee Skai - Plus DJ Stakz, DJ Ricky Groov and DJ Joubert will also perform on a big night of non-stop entertainment. Get your tickets early. $40 in advance. VIP $100 Doors open at 9:00 PM Showtime at 10:00 PM Don't miss the 13th Anniversary of La Nuit Des Jeunes on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

Eventbrite - La Nuit Des Jeunes 2018

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         DJ Superduke # 1 in  Boston


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DJ Stakz (Haitian King of NY)

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Kick off event for the long Labor Day Weekend. Dine, Wine and listen to some great music, the acoustic sound of Haiti, with some of our top artists peforming unplugged, raw with just a mic an one instrument. No need to cook that evening, come to Meli Melo and enjoy some great authentic Haitian cuisine with excellent customer service. Seat back and relax and the staff will take care of the rest. The theme is "The Spirit of Carnival" because we will end the night by putting our dancing shoes on and enjoy the great sound of local band Baz Twoubadou. See you on the 29th.
Pre-Labor Day Fest
The tradition continues...Bingo Night---Klass-Djakout #1
Sweet Micky --The president is back!
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Toto Laramie live at Meli Melo for Labor Day Weekend.
Meli Melo
The biggest party in New Jersey for Labor Day Weekend.
Venus-kreyol la-Klass NJ
Big event Saturday Night -Labor Day Weekend
Venus- Nu Look - Zenglen
Bouyon NIght- Djajkout #1- Brasserie Creole
Biggest Haitian Festival in New York to take place on Sunday Sept. 2nd.
Haitian Labor Day Festival

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